Press kit: Unrivalled alternative offering at Busworld

Press kit: Unrivalled alternative offering at Busworld

At the 2017 Busworld in Kortrijk, Scania will showcase its extensive range of alternatives to conventional diesel. As progressive European cities increasingly impose restrictions on diesel vehicles, they are examining clean alternatively fuelled buses and coaches for operations.

Scania has the broadest range of buses and coaches running on alternative fuels. Scania can presently offer engines for natural and biogas, ethanol, biodiesel, HVO as well as hybrid buses.

In several European cities, Scania has been a forerunner in the transition to clean and low carbon technologies. Recently, Scania delivered 53 gas-fuelled double-decker buses to Nottingham, the world’s largest fleet. The UK city of Sunderland has followed suit with its own fleet of biogas double-decker buses.

Many cities are especially interested in gas operations, with gas being an economically sustainable solution providing a lower carbon footprint, low nitrogen oxide emissions and substantially lower noise level. The production of biogas can provide local job opportunities, less dependencies on import and ecosystems where waste from residents provides fuel for transport.

Scania can offer gas alternatives for a wide range of city buses and uniquely also for intercity operations. Other cities see the advantages of hybrid operations, especially in intra-suburban and suburban-to-city traffic. Scania’s technology in this field offers unrivalled total operating economy.

At Busworld, Scania will particularly emphasise how its tailored maintenance services can be instrumental in optimising the economic performance for operators. It has recently introduced Fleet Care, a service whereby Scania takes full responsibility for maintenance and repairs to ensure the highest fleet uptime. Through continuous monitoring, Scania can plan and execute needed workshop action to keep vehicles on the road.

As the world faces up to the challenge of meeting the Paris climate target of a maximum 2-degree global warming, public transport and versatile bus services will be at the fore. Scania aims to be a leader in the shift to sustainable transport.

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