Press kit: Tailor-made for the urban jungle

Press kit: Tailor-made for the urban jungle

Scania is participating at IFAT 2018, with a number of vehicles and solutions that are tailor-made for dealing with the challenges customers operating in urban areas are facing. Scania is displaying five vehicles at the outdoor stand 709/11, each of them demonstrating why sustainability is the foundation for profitability in the challenging environments of today.  

Scania, which continues its global introduction of its new truck generation, launched a range of products and services in December 2017 that focus on urban applications, such as city and regional distribution, waste handling and fire & rescue. Scania’s approach is to offer customer value and the best total operating economy
through tailor-made solutions that are sustainable both from an environmental and
a financial perspective.

“We have identified five major challenges that virtually all operators working in urban environments are facing; aspects such as traffic congestions, safety, total operating economy and to attract drivers,” says Henrik Eng, Product Director, Urban, Scania Trucks. “The introduction of our new truck range has expanded Scania’s urban offer, with cabs, engines and services addressing precisely these challenges.”

Scania has introduced a new 7-litre engine range, a range of gas engines with a 13-litre inline six with 410 hp on top, as well as two 9-litre versions, and a new cab range, the low entry L-series, for urban applications. Together with the already introduced P and G-series cabs and Scania’s extensive choice of Euro 6 engines for diesel, bioethanol, biodiesel and HVO, they constitute what is probably the industry’s most complete offer for sustainable urban and municipality operations.

“The initial response has been very pleasing for us,” says Eng. “It is quite obvious that we at Scania are responding to a real need here by demonstrating our insights in today’s customer needs and conditions. Growing urban areas mean increased demand for sustainable solutions and our introduction is being viewed by customers as a spot-on response to their specific needs.”

The following vehicles will be exhibited at Scania’s stand (outdoor, 709/11):

  • Scania P 370 B4x2NA – Street sweeper with the new P cab, bodywork by Faun, wheel base 4.350 mm, low entry (first step lower than 500 mm)
  • Scania G 500 XT B6x4*4HA – Winter road maintenance truck with body work from Meiller, with a turning radius of 8.05 meters, last axle liftable and steerable, air suspension rear
  • Scania L 320 6×2*4 LB – Refuse collector, rear loader, with the new L-series cab and bodywork from NTM
  • Scania L 360 B6x2*4 NB – Sewage cleaner truck with the new L-series cab and bodywork from JHL
  • Scania P 340 6×2*4 NB – Refuse collector, rear loader, CNG-truck with bodywork from Geesinknorba

Scania has added new, urban-oriented services as well, such as Scania Fleet Care with uptime guarantee and Scania Driver Training with modules specific to urban operations. Handling a truck and fulfilling transport tasks on time in busy cities are among the most demanding assignments one can take on behind a steering wheel. With the new truck generation, Scania has also introduced a number of different tools, preparations and trainings in order to offer world class solutions and support
for bodybuilders, making it easier than ever to create seamless solutions.

“If transport operators, transport buyers or bodybuilders have certain demands and want to customise their own tailor-made urban solution in dialogue with Scania, we will be able to support them, regardless of which application it concerns,” says Eng. And they will also notice that a partnership with Scania and the solution we can offer
will most likely help bring them the best total operating economy.”

Pictures of Scania Urban trucks can be downloaded from


For further information, please contact:

Henrik Eng,
Product Director, Urban, Scania Trucks
Phone: + 46 70 658 98 29; email:

Örjan Åslund,
Head of Product Affairs, Scania Trucks