Press kit: EuroSatory 2018

Press kit: EuroSatory 2018

The event, one of the largest defence and security exhibitions in the world, is taking place on June 11-15 in Paris, France. It is a key opportunity for Scania to present its competitive bespoke system offering, which has already led to significant business with a number of defence customers. Held every two years, the event is attended by representatives of the armed forces, government agencies and defence contractors (both private and public).

“This year, Scania’s presence at Eurosatory will be clearly felt at its international stand – a joint initiative between Scania headquarters in Sweden and the local Scania France Defence team”, says Fatima Strand, Director of Special Trucks Sales at Scania. “Of course, you will have the opportunity to see the latest additions to the Scania defence range.” And at the same time, she emphasises that Scania’s offering includes far more than just the truck itself: “Being a system supplier, Scania designs and produces complete bespoke systems, supplies complete vehicles and all the worldwide support and vehicle management required to run and maintain a fleet of trucks throughout its lifecycle.”

On a similar note, Yann Boivin, Business Development Manager Military Markets & Special Projects in France says: “The defence market is no longer served by just one equipment supplier. A high level of cooperation is needed between companies in order to deliver the best solutions required by the defence segment today.”

The modern high-end trucks offered by Scania provide the combined benefits of modularity, durability, availability and cost-effectiveness and come with the kind of simplified repair and maintenance services that benefit civilian and military customers alike.

Scania trucks on show

The vehicle on display is a 6×6 rigid truck driven by a 13-litre in-line 500 horsepower engine: a typical representative of Scania’s adapted commercial off-road capable trucks used in defence applications. It is fitted with the option of a fuel-efficient Euro 6 engine that can run on NATO fuel.

Armoured versions of a Scania cab will also be on display. Developed and tested to withstand ballistic threats and the explosion of mines and IEDs, a unique modular protection platform is designed to meet the highest STANAG levels, and can be adapted to the customer’s specific protection requirements.

Scania defence engines

Scania’s modular system is the cornerstone of all our adaptations for various defence requirements and installations, tailored precisely to individual tasks. This brings an outstandingly low lifecycle cost compared with other set-ups. Scania’s engines are also renowned for their power and durability.

“Reliability, low fuel consumption and exceptional service life are among the most sought-after traits for engines in defence applications,” says Erik Karlsson, Key Account Manager, Scania Engines. “Our solutions have a proven track record in the defence industry and in combination with our global sales and service network, Scania has all the prerequisites for ensuring performance and operational fulfilment.”

Scania offers a broad range of engines, based on three different platforms and an industry-leading level of modularity. Scania’s engines for defence applications can be maintained in Scania’s network, despite being tailored to different needs.

Scania supplies its powerful engines for defence applications in land and marine versions for installation in OEM’s powerpacks (engine, transmission and cooling system). The delivery of an engine includes technical support during installation and fine-tuning of the powerpack in the end product for optimal performance. Furthermore, we complement our robust product offering with tailor-made lifecycle support solutions.

Scania engines on show

Two engines are being showcased at Eurosatory: the DC13, our inline six-cylinder engine with a power output range of 330-540kW; and the DI16, our V8 engine with a power output range of 588-800kW.

There will be at least four installations on display, all covering land applications:

  • BAE Hägglunds Combat Vehicle 90, a Swedish-made tracked Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV), powered by a Scania V8
  • Patria AMV 8×8, a Finnish-made wheeled armoured vehicle, powered by a Scania DC13
  • General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS)-Mowag Piranha-5, a Swiss-made wheeled armoured vehicle, powered by a Scania DC13
  • RENK Powerpack 350S, for repowering of an assortment of Main Battle Tanks (MBT), powered by a Scania V8


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