Premiere for Scania and Sweden Arena at the Olympic Games

Premiere for Scania and Sweden Arena at the Olympic Games

With “Sweden Arena”, the Swedish National Olympic Committee (SOC) will establish a great meeting place during the Olympic Winter Games in South Korea. As a partner to SOC and the arena, Scania will have a unique opportunity to expose itself in the region as a leader in sustainable transport solutions.

The 2018 Olympic Winter Games will be held in South Korean Pyeongchang 9–25 February. It will be the 23rd time that the winter games are being held. This is the second time that Olympic Games are organised in South Korea – the first was in 1988, when the Summer Olympics were held in Seoul.

As usual, the event is expected to attract large crowds. With its all-year-round facilities, Pyeongchang is committed to becoming a leading winter sports resort. The majority of facilities needed to organise a successful Winter Olympics are therefore already in place in advance of the opening ceremony.

As a partner to the Swedish National Olympic Committee and “Sweden Arena”, Scania will have a unique opportunity during the 23rd Winter Olympic Games to expose itself as a leader in sustainable transport solutions.

Nowadays, several “national houses” are present at each Olympic event, where different National Olympic Committees can bring together companies and sponsors to promote their country. The Pyeongchang games marks the first time Sweden participated with an exclusive pavilion.

An Olympic “home”

“It’s the first time in Olympic history that we have our own physical meeting place. It’s a unique opportunity for athletes, leaders, partners and all Swedes in Pyeongchang to have a home outside the competition venues,” says SOC’s Chief Executive Officer Peter Reinebo.

In Sweden Arena, Swedish companies and partners such as Scania and Discovery will be able to engage and inspire customers and visitors with a range of exhibitions and activities – all with “Sweden” in their hearts.

In the centre

The arena is built immediately adjacent to the Olympic alpine ski slopes. In the same area the opening ceremony arena, where also the medal ceremonies will be held in the evenings, is located. The venues for cross-country skiing and biathlon are a few kilometres away.

“Together with our partners, we will establish a natural and warm meeting place for Swedish companies and brands that want to be seen in connection with the Olympic Games. We will have daily activities to attract a constant flow of visitors to the house. Everything from media and royalties to Swedish contestants will be here at the Sweden Arena,” says SOC’s Marketing Manager, Anna Lundin.

At Sweden Arena, Scania’s partner Discovery will have a live studio from where all press conferences will be broadcasted live.

Arena for Scania

For Scania, the partnership in Sweden Arena offers unique opportunities in Korea and the rest of Asia.

“The Olympic Games are a unique arena and this partnership gives us a good opportunity to be seen in a region where we are increasingly establishing ourselves as an strong  partner for sustainable transport solutions. With Sweden Arena, we will invite customers, employees and other guests from the region to closely follow the Olympic Games and come closer to the contestants,” says Anders Gustafsson, Executive Regional Director of Scania in Asia and Oceania.

The Sweden Arena building is reused to reduce environmental impact and will be disassembled following the Olympic Games to be used for future events. The building has previously been used during the Winter Olympics in Sochi and Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, as well as in Bermuda during the America’s Cup sailings.