Polymers in focus

Polymers in focus

I am not sure how it happened, but suddenly vacation was around the corner and is now over. Thus, this is a good opportunity to sum things up a bit. During my time here I have gained insight in the world of polymers and what kind of they challenges they bring with them in automotive use. Quite some, it turns out.

The work here is very alternating. The expertise of my department is needed in all levels of the product development process; from the very early conceptual stages to urgent production related challenges. And as continuous improvements is one of Scania´s core values, we have a constant flow of assignments of new solutions on things to be tested. As my supervisor is working with adhesives, I have had the opportunity to develop my knowledge in this field. Among other things, I have written some internal education material on adhesives. You know that you are working for a large company when it has its own version of Wikipedia! In addition to this I have assisted with some lab tasks. It should be mentioned that some of the lab work is rather repetitive, but it gives the opportunity to get to know the things you are working with.

One example of this is a certain kind of warning sticker that is assembled on a plastic tank in the engine area of some buses. The sticker itself turned out to be tricky to put on, and therefore, our production unit requested a new type of sticker. A construction department has then proposed some new paper qualities which they wanted us to investigate. So now we are running tests to see if the stickers actually stick in various temperature conditions and how they will perform in the long run; both in terms of adhesion and colour. It is all about the details.

Apart from this, I have started the planning for my master´s thesis that I will conduct here at Scania. There are lots of interesting topics to investigate! A few days ago, I also had the opportunity to visit Scania´s climatic tunnel together with some summer job colleagues. We got a very good guided tour with the facility manager that explained a lot about the tunnel´s purpose, working mechanisms and benefits. To say that the tunnel (and the fan with adjacent wind pipes) was huge is not an exaggregation.

Now I am trying to get a grip of my last two weeks of work here. I have some projects to finish and will in addition to this participate in a workshop day with my team this Thursday. As my department was reorganized recently, it is a good opportunity to discuss the work flow and the ways of communication within and from the team. It will be very interesting to hear what they have to say!


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