Planning and Prepping

Planning and Prepping

Ok, seriously, little more than one week left for me here at RBRF and my summer job. Where did the summer go? A bit stressed about the fact that it feels like I have done nothing this summer and that school will start in less than two weeks (!!), I somehow still feel quite excited about this fall and my last year at KTH. Wow. MY LAST YEAR. Feels like the “nollning” (the first 2 introduction weeks at KTH) was yesterday but it was 4 years ago. 2 years ago, today, I got on on airplane and moved to Iowa in USA to study on exchange. Time really does fly, how cliche it might sound and a part of me wants to hold on to my comfy student life as long as possible. Another part of me wants to start a new adventure. Where or what though is still very undecided, but my possibilities are infinite.

The larger part of my summer was spent here at RBRF, working on my project, which hopefully will be completed until next Wednesday as I will present my work to my fellow colleagues then. I have been working on remodeling a surface object in Catia in hope to 3D print it. Still very unsure whether I will manage to make my model 3D print friendly, but I am doing my best to succeed. Then there will actually be a physical proof of my presence at RBRF this summer. 😉

Simultaneously, I am trying to plan and prepare for my coming Masters thesis, which I will conduct here at Scania during the spring term. This means, running around here at Scania and attending meetings with different departments, discussing what they could offer me and what I am interested in. This is a unique privilege for the SSI students. A lot of planning and preparing before I head back to school, but very fun and rewarding! It is interesting to hear about what the other departments here at Scania work with and how they work. I am also meeting with my SSI mentors to catch up, inform and discuss my choices. An intense week for sure! But we still have time to enjoy a cup of coffee outside in the sun during our coffee breaks, which is something I really appreciate at Scania.

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