Phase 5 – R&D rotation

Phase 5 – R&D rotation

I have now been at my R&D rotation for some time and I am starting to get a hang of what I am doing. I am situated in the STC where most of R&D is located, and I am in the goods arrival department. All of the tests that are carried out need material and it is at this goods arrival department that I am situated. Everything from a small nut to a big project weighing more than 60 tonnes can come in!

It is a labyrinth of buildings but I hope I soon can go around without a map or a guide. Being in logistics opens up a lot of doors, especially if you follow people around as part of your project and that in turns means that I have seen plenty of new places during my short time here so far.

Air photograph of Scania facilities in Södertälje, Sweden.
Scania Technical Centre.
Photo: Kontrast foto 2012Kontrast foto

I help out with measuring the time spent on different tasks which is something which has not been done here before.  It is exciting and at the same time quite hard – what do we actually want to measure? At this department it is also very hard to draw the line where one area ends and another begins and often everyone is helping out when there is time. In real life that is wonderful – but for me trying to measure it is very hard! But I think we have come up with a good method and with the help from everyone we will come up with a base.

Also! I forgot to say that I have now taken a Forklift-course. Even if I am not going to drive a forklift I think it is very good for me to  have a basic knowledge of how a forklift actually works and what is important to think of when around them and also when planning different areas. Driving a forklift has been on my bucket-list for a couple of years and now I can tick of a whole week of driving multiple different types!


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