Tove Ekblom

Tove Ekblom

Scania Student Intro, IT

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! This is where I will give you an insight in my exciting journey as a SSI-participant and share my thoughts and feelings regarding Scania from a student perspective!

My name is Tove Ekblom and I am an energetic, 25 year old student who loves to travel and meet new people. I am born and raised in Bromma outside Stockholm. This is where I spent the first 20 years of my life, before my interest in technology and problem solving brought me to Uppsala. In Uppsala I studied the engineering programme Sociotechnical Systems – which is an interdisciplinary programme where science and technology is combined with social studies. After three years I decided to take my Master of Science at KTH within Industrial Management from where I plan to graduate in the spring of 2016.

When I am not studying I enjoy travelling. My curiosity constantly takes me to new places where I can explore and learn from other cultures. I also enjoy different forms of exercising, preferably outdoors – for example skiing, running and sailing. In my traveling and exercising I find energy and inspiration which I can bring back to my work and studies.

Right now I am a part of Scania Student Intro 2015/2016, which is a programme that includes a summer job, education as well as a master’s thesis. I have always been interested in technology and problem solving, and I applied to the programme since I was interested of knowing how my knowledge and skills within this could be used in larger industrial companies. As a student you don’t know what you want and what possibilities you have, therefore I thought this programme was a perfect opportunity to explore what life after graduation could be like and what a large industrial company as Scania could offer me.

I am convinced that the programme will be an adventure and it will give me a lot of valuable experience. Hopefully I will be able to share this with you via this blog.