Sara Övreby

Sara Övreby

Manager Public Affairs

How does a political scientist end up at Scania?

In conjunction with the Swedish referendum on a future membership in the European Community in 1994 my political interest was sparked. I engaged in politics, studied political science and came to work with policy as an advisor, on democracy – building political organisations in former dictatorships, in the European Parliament on trade and internet freedom but also as press secretary in the Swedish government.

Having worked with policy making in local, national and European institutions I wanted a “real job”. Since my father drives a truck and has always driven a Scania what could suit better than to work with Public Affairs at Scania?

Scania is an important part of the societies in which we operate, and we are influenced by the political environment around us. Therefore we want and need to take an active part in the discussions and decisions that shape the conditions for our operations.
We want to become the leading provider of sustainable transport solutions – and through dialogue and co-operation in its broadest sense we believe that it is possible for us to break the correlation between a growing global demand for transport and growing emissions.

In this blog I hope to give a broad picture of my work and eventually also some insight on the rationale behind Scania’s standpoints. When not busy working I enjoy nature, read, sing and learn to play the guitar.