Petter Jakobsson

Petter Jakobsson

Scania Student Intro, Mechanical Engineering

Hello everyone!

My name is Petter Jakobsson and I am 28 years old. I was born and raised in Mölndal, right outside of Gothenburg on the West Coast of Sweden. Currently I am studying mechanical engineering at Linköping University, from which I plan to attain a master of science in 2015. My studies are aimed towards industrial manufacturing but I enjoy myself taking some other various courses as well, e.g. Total Quality Management, Six Sigma and Modern Leadership Theories.

I balance my interest in technology and rational thinking with my love for music and arts. I even attended a boarding school for two years right after high school where I developed my singing, dancing and drama skills. Today, music still plays a central role in my life. When I am not studying I either listen to music, sing (in a choir or just to myself), or go dancing as a mean of exercise. Also, I enjoy hanging out with my friends, maybe cooking up a good dinner and watching a good movie.
Right now I am honored to be enrolled in Scania Student Intro, a program which includes a summer job, my Master’s thesis, a mentorship and some weekend activities. Hopefully will I now be able to make some practical use of my theoretical skills – at last! I can’t wait to get started.

What brings me to Scania then?

I have always felt strongly for “Mother Nature”, so to speak. The connection between the transport sector and air pollution therefore bothers me. However, to solve this issue, we can all choose to stick our heads in the sand and hope that all problems magically disappear, OR we could grab the bull by its horn and aim our efforts where they are needed the most. I choose the latter!

This company put such a great effort into the pursuit of a more sustainable transport sector. I wish to contribute to this endeavor. This is the reason why I interest myself in Scania.
You are more than welcome to join me throughout this adventure by following me on this blog.

See you!
Petter Jakobsson