Mikael Ahlstedt

Mikael Ahlstedt

Director Global Technical Support

My way in to Scania came via a thesis, part of my masters degree in Economics, I did for Scania Infotronics back in year 2000 regarding fleet management and its possibilities within the haulier business. I worked for Scania Infotronics, as an areas sales manager for 6 years, travelling all over Europe selling and promoting those systems to the Scania business units and Scania’s end customers.

When Scania Infotronics became an integrated part of Scania in Södertälje I changed position becoming head of an engineering team within Special vehicles, part of Scania’s research and development (RoD). In this position I was challenged on a daily basis and learned how to think in processes, handling management issues and technology.

During my time within Special vehicles I came in contact with the Global Technical Support and realised that heading this global department must be one of the most challenging and interesting positions within Scania. When the manager being responsible left on paternity leave I was offered to replace him and have been working here since august 2010.
My private life is focused on my family, married and having 2 beautiful daughters, fixing the house where we live, trying to keep my body in shape and of course keeping an eye on my favourite ice hockey team.

If you choose to follow me on this blog you will be able to read about my reflections concerning heading a global department, working with different cultures, why poetry can open you mind, how Scania’s values and way of working will help you to constantly change and become better in all you do and of course how it is to work as a bridge between Scania’s business units (workshops, dealers and distributors) and factory functions like RoD.

I could summarize this in the Global Technical Support vision and slogan; Keep Running. Hopefully you will enjoy the reading and become challenged in your daily work, within or outside Scania.