Melinda Laszlo

Melinda Laszlo

Scania Student Intro, Mechanical Engineering

My name is Melinda and I am a participant of Scania Student Intro 2015. This means that I will start my last year of studies at KTH this fall 2015, ending my five year education in mechanical engineering with a Master’s Thesis here at Scania in late spring 2016.

With only 23 years on my neck I still have a lot to learn and experience, wherefore I took this great opportunity and applied to Scania Student Intro-Mechanics, in hope to broaden both my competence as well as learning more about the various opportunities that await me after KTH. SSI gives me a fantastic and rewarding mix of experience, knowledge, network, insight and of course new friends from the SSI program. I am very thankful that I have been given this chance to get to know Scania and the life around it on a deeper level.

So, who am I? Born and raised in our beautiful capital Stockholm, I have my entire life been surrounded by the city life and its pulse. And I love it! Don’t get me wrong, I love being outside and inhaling the fresh air, however I always manage to make my way back to the city somehow. I guess I just love being around many people and movement. Maybe that is also why Scania has appealed me, as there is a countless amount of employees and constantly something happening on site.

Breaking the common prejudices about engineering students and them not being known for being the most athletic people, I however spend a lot of my spare time working out. I love pushing my limits, both mind and body. This has lead me to run Lidingöloppet in 2011, Toughest race and Stockholm Marathon in 2015 and continuously looking and signing up for new races. My next goal is the Paris Marathon in 2016 if all works out as planned. Small goals like these, are what keep me going and always pushing the extra mile whenever I want something. This goes for all parts of my life, school, family and my training. I really do believe in the need for hobbies and goals outside the working environment, and it being an ideal way to just relax!

With parents originating from Hungary, I have been raised in two cultures, which I really appreciate and am greatly thankful for. This has taught me a lot about acceptance and respect. It has also given me an extra language at barley no cost (Hungarian is an incredibly complex language to learn, it is almost impossible if you are not born to it). The respect for other cultures and opinions has helped me overwhelmingly much, and also given me a stable foundation to trust myself and feel comfortable wherever in the world I might be. This “fearlessness” has driven me to study abroad in US, to conduct my bachelor thesis in Uganda , as well as applying for Scania Student Intro 2015. And my, am I happy I have taken these opportunities! Never have I learned so much, not to mention learn so much about myself in such short time. I urge you to travel a lot and move out of your regular comfort zone, whenever the opportunity arises, because you never know where it might lead you in the future.

With this blog I hope to inspire you with what opportunities there are here at Scania, get an insight of what the SSI program is really all about, and of course a glimpse of how I balance my life between a great company as Scania and everything around! Enjoy the read!