Magdalena Cederlöf

Magdalena Cederlöf

Scania Student Intro, mechanics

Hi everyone!

I am Magdalena, a 24 year old mechanical engineering student at Karlstad University and a part of the Scania Student Intro program. I am at the 4th year of my studies and my master is material science.

One of the best things I have done at my time at the university was to join the Formula Student team, which in my opinion is the best student project ever! During one year about 30 engineering students design, manufacture and finance a single seated race car. The year ends with a large competition at Silverstone in England against 100 other universities. I worked with the aerodynamics of the car for one year and was the project manager for the team the next year.

At my spare time I try to be a “fitness-person”, which has worked out pretty well lately with both frequent gym classes and running. When I have time (and money) I love to travel, it doesn’t matter if it is to big cities, white beaches or high mountains I just like the feeling of freedom and possibilities. Wintertime I like to go skiing and I have worked one season as a ski instructor.

This blog is going to be about my participation in the SSI-program, which includes weekend activities, a summer internship and finally my master thesis. I am very happy that I have got this opportunity to learn more about how it is to work as an engineer, get to see how it is to work at a big global company as Scania and at the same time meet a lot of new friends. I think it’s the perfect way between the university and the upcoming working life that otherwise can be quite scary.
I hope you will enjoy the reading!