Julia Johansson

Julia Johansson

M.Sc. in Industrial engineering and Management

My name is Julia Johansson. Over the next five weeks I will share with you my adventure taking part in the Scania Summer Technology Program in Oskarshamn.

Who am I then, that is going to guide you through the next few weeks?

I’m 24 years old and I was born and raised in beautiful Oskarshamn. At the moment, I live in the north of Sweden, where the sun never sets during summer and the winters are full of snow. In the fall I will begin my fifth, and last, year as an industrial engineering and management student, within industrial logistics at Luleå University of Technology (LTU).

My interest for Scania begun early since almost everyone in Oskarshamn knows someone who works there. My first summer job at Scania was as a forklift truck driver and I already then got to experience the culture and fantastic atmosphere within the company, and have been doing all my summers at Scania ever since.

At my spare time I like to train, especially to run, and also to hang out with friends and family. I also have a big interest within cooking, and I just love to travel and experience new cultures.

I hope you will enjoy to follow me and the other summer technologists on our journey at Scania this summer, with all from our projects to inspiring meetings. Let this summer begin, and feel free to ask me any questions you might have!