Julia Asplund

Julia Asplund

Graduate Trainee, Production and Logistics


My name is Julia Asplund, I am 26 years old and I have been working at Scania for just over 1 year. However, I have already been working at three different Scania Departments, in two different countries and at one other brand within the Traton group, all thanks to Scania Global Champion Trainee Program.

In the following blog posts you will get to follow me during my last rotation of the trainee program, working at Scania Benelux. Later on you will get to follow me as I end my time as a trainee and start my first job position as a Production Engineer in Södertälje.

But first a short introduction to me and how it all started.

I was born and raised in a small village in Värmland called Västra Ämtervik. In high school (gymnasiet) I studied science and before starting my studies at University, I had one year of hard work in Norway. After that year I started studying at Chalmers University of Technology. During my first two years at Chalmers I was very involved in the different sororities and the social student life. In my third year I got the opportunity to do my bachelor thesis and got my first real assignment in the Swedish industry. I did the thesis, summer job and then part time job for one year at Uddeholm, a big Swedish steel manufacturer. This really caught my attention of working with production.

I choose to do my master in production engineering and again I had the opportunity to do a summer job at a big Swedish company. This time within the truck industry and all the way over in the USA.

When I was in the end of my master studies I had my goal set on a trainee program in the vehicle industry. Quite early I got accepted at Scania and have since then not regretted for a second I said yes!

I hope you will find it interesting and inspiring to read my blog posts where I will share both personal and professional sides of my life at Scania.