Johan Nilsson

Johan Nilsson

Process Engineer

I’m Johan Nilsson and I work in the Oskarshamn factory. Together with our counterpart in São Paolo, we produced all Scania cabs. The group that I’m a part of supports production with technical issues, such as ordering new production equipment or preparing the line for new product introductions. My role in this group is to drive projects, majorly affecting our production facility.

My life began in Ystad, a small city in southern Sweden. Before I ended up here, I went though elementary school in Ystad, eleven months of compulsory military service in Karlskrona and five long years of Industrial Engineering and Management at Lund University.

After leaving the educational era, I made the choice to work at Scania. Even though I didn’t know it back then, I had a feeling that Scania, and especially production, would be a good fit for me. I like working with people and tangible issues. Both, I encounter every day in my current position.

However, it’s not all about work. In my spare time I like hanging out with my fiancée. We like home decorating, playing board games, exercising and travelling. This spring we also have to like wedding planning since we’re getting married this summer.
There are many ways into Scania. The important thing is not the way you get in, it’s that you find the right place for you. Scania is nothing but opportunities, it’s up to you to take them!