Joakim Arnold

Joakim Arnold

Fullstack .NET Developer, Product Adaptions IRBA

I’m Joakim Arnold, a software developer at Scania Product Development since the fall of 2016.

I grew up in the centre of Stockholm, Sweden, and had a pretty calm and straight forward childhood. Since early age I grew fond of physics, engineering and computers, pretty much everything that’s considered “technical”. I’ve gamed my fair share, I’ve built a lot of the more advanced Lego sets and helped out with everything from carpentry and motor maintenance at the family country house. All this ended up with me growing an interest for programming and the more intricate parts of computers and software.

After working at an elementary school, a DVD distribution warehouse and almost 4 years as a fiber optics technician (building distributed networks in newly build houses and/or offices that were renovating) I decided it was time to study at a university. Why did I want to study? Because I thought it would give me a great foundation of knowledge to build upon, and since I was an experienced gamer I was drawn towards the world of game development. This led me to apply for a Bachelor in Computer Science with a game development route at Stockholm University in Kista, Sweden. As the years went by and my knowledge of development and computer systems grew, it became clear to me that game development didn’t matter to me as much as I thought. The key word in the education description was “Development”. I felt like it didn’t really matter what I was developing, as long as I could sit down, code and watch the magic happen.

When 3 years had passed I started applying for jobs, and one day a recruiter from the consultant firm ÅF called me, telling me about a Young Talent initiative at Scania IT. One thing led to another and swoosch, I found myself at Scania IT, Product Development. I’ve now been working with the same team for almost 2 years, and I’ve enjoyed every second of it.

I hope the upcoming months of blogging will help you get an insight and understanding of how the day to day (or rather week to week) life of being a developer at Scania, and maybe inspire you to take the leap and apply for one of the many positions available!