Erik Erlandsson

Erik Erlandsson

Scania Engineer Program, mechanical engineering

Hi there!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Erik Erlandsson and I am part of the 2018-2019 set of Scania Engineer Program (SEP) participants. Having recently graduated from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm with a Master of Science in Engineering and Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering as well as a Master of Science in aerospace engineering with a specialisation in lightweight structures, I have also completed an exchange semester as part of my master’s programme at University of Sydney in Australia. A common denominator during my studies was that my favourite courses were in some way connected to mechanics of solids as well as fluids.

My studies have been filled with late nights in computer labs and buried in theory books. I am sure a big chunk of my readers recognise these parts of engineering at a university, either as a past memory or a present daily life. It was however weighed up by the inspiration gained by building a drone from cardboard, reading studies on optimisation algorithms, hearing about Scania’s wind tunnel in guest lectures, and more, all of which lead up to where I am now.

Mechanics has long been an interest of mine, from LEGO starting around twenty years ago, to structure optimisation and design now. To be at Scania and share their values, learn from them, and contribute to sustainable transport solutions is a perfect match for me. Being a part of SEP means I am able to view the organisation from multiple perspectives and take in as much as possible during my first ten months here at Scania.