Adam Rindeskär

Adam Rindeskär

Scania Student Intro, mechanics

What role do heavy vehicles play in a sustainable future? That is a question that really has caught my interest. Now I have the opportunity to learn more about it and hopefully contribute to its answer in the future. My name is Adam Rindeskär and I am one of the participants in Scania Student Intro.

The road to start studying for a degree in Mechanical engineering was far from straight. I have always had an interest in technology though, but my ideas for the future still ranged from law to medicine. Meanwhile, I grew concerned with the state of our planet and developed a confidence in that new technology was a key player towards a sustainable future. And what people develop new technology? Engineers. I applied at Linköping University and a program aiming for a M.Sc. in Mechanical engineering, and now, in my fourth year of studies I am now close to reach my target. My specialization is in applied mechanics and engineering materials.

In February 2017 I was accepted to Scania Student Intro. This will be my third summer at the company, after being part of the Summer Internship Production program for the last two summers. Scania caught my interest early during the studies and my first – and lasting – impression was that it is an innovative company with a creative working climate.

In this blog I will describe the Student intro program and Scania as a company. Hopefully, you will learn a lot along the way! I know that I am going to do so.