Patrick contributes to safer roads

Patrick contributes to safer roads

Patrick Schildmann from Germany has been awarded the Cargo Securing Award at Scania’s Young European Truck Driver final. 

Patrick Schildmann

Patrick Schildmann.

Patrick Schildmann won the award after demonstrating in a practical test that he had the best securing cargo knowledge among the competitors  at the qualification rounds of the Young European Truck Driver final, held in Södertälje, Sweden, on Friday 24 April 2015.

“I had no idea I was so good at cargo securing,” said Patrick after receiving the award.

The Cargo Securing Award is sponsored by the International Road Transport Union (IRU). Scania and the IRU believe that highlighting the importance of correct cargo-loading and securing is an effective way of improving road safety. Inadequate cargo securing often results in the loss of goods, delays and at worst, accidents.

Unsafe loads are a major cause of accidents both on the road and in loading docks. Vehicles with poorly restrained cargo are a risk not only to their drivers, but to other road users and to people involved in loading and unloading. A study about road safety in Spain, for example, shows that poor cargo securing is one of the most common causes of accidents involving heavy vehicles.

The European Commission and the IRU provide clear, practical guidelines for safely securing cargo, aimed at everyone involved in the transport industry. These guidelines are now available in more than 120 countries.

Thanks to this initiative, there are now clear signs of a sustained reduction in the number of people killed or injured in cargo-related accidents. The number of disruptions to transport activities is also falling.

The Young European Truck Driver competition is a part of Scania Driver Competitions, the world’s largest contest for drivers of heavy vehicles.

Stefan Lindblom, head of the jury

Stefan Lindblom, head of the jury

The competition recognises skilful young drivers and highlights their role in achieving good operating economy, improved traffic safety and reduced environmental impact.

More than 22,000 drivers from across the whole of Europe have taken part in this year’s competition, with 26 finalists competing in the final in Södertälje, on 25 April.

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