Path to sustainable transport

Path to sustainable transport

In a world dependent on safe, sustainable and efficient transport, a holistic view of the logistics flow is required. Scania´s solutions are shaping this path by boosting efficiencies and eliminating waste.

Industry-tailored solutions

Scania works with an application focus. This allows Scania to meet the specific demands of a range of industries, from mining, forestry, manufacturing and bus systems to distribution. With Scania’s modular system as a starting point, trucks, buses and engines are optimised for a range of applications. This is complemented with services adapted to each transport need. Scania can also contribute specialist logistics expertise to further improve flows, efficiency and reduce waste.


Scania is leading a three-year European research project to develop a system for implementing road-based truck platooning. Heavy vehicles are able to drive in close formation with gaps of just 0.5 to 1 second in order to reduce air drag.

Timber applications

Fuel comprises about one third of the total operating cost for a timber haulier. Robustness and high-performance engines are needed to meet the demands.

Mining applications

In mining, large volumes of heavy material must be moved in tough conditions,at the lowest cost per tonne. This requires equipment with high uptime and low fuel consumption.

Scania Field Workshop

Demanding transport sectors – such as the mining industry – require high productivity and high uptime for the entire fleet to remain efficient. With preventive maintenance and fast repairs on-site, Scania Field Workshops get vehicles up and running again.

Cities on the move

Cities will be one of the testing grounds for sustainable transport, demanding efficient, high-capacity transport solutions with low environmental impact. Scania works systematically to gain more insight into the entire logistics flow, and to develop and offer more sustainable solutions both in and around cities.

Bus systems

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) offers a sustainable, practical and appealing form of urban transport. Scania´s solutions for city buses operating on natural gas or biogas offer a combination of high capacity, fuel economy and low environmental impact.

Alternative fuels

Alternative fuels play a large role in reducing the environmental impact of transport services. Scania offers one of the market’s broadest Euro 6 engine ranges for alternative fuels, such as biodiesel and biogas that can be used in city buses and trucks.

Engine applications

Scania gensets used as back-up power in hospitals and in other operations that need to be highly reliable. Other applications for Scania Engines include construction and mining equipment.

Distribution segment

Retail distribution and waste management are essential to city life. Scania´s solutions save fuel and contribute to greater transport efficiency.