Overview of 2015

Overview of 2015


2015 provided a challenging demand situation with vast differences between Scania’s major markets. By increasing market share in some markets Scania managed to keep deliveries at a stable level. The service business reached an all-time high.


Scania managed to reach a double-digit operating margin in 2015. The market mix, record high service volume, positive currency rate effects and record earnings from Financial Services were partly offset by declining volumes in other markets.


In the past few years, Scania has employed more people in sales, marketing and services to support growth in emerging markets. The number of employees in Research and Development has also increased to further strengthen the product and service portfolio to achieve growth and profitability ambitions.


There has been strong growth in deliveries of connected vehicles, an enabler for Scania in increasing support to customers by offering more efficient services. Benefits include lower fuel consumption and emissions, improved traffic safety and optimisation of filling rates and transport routes.


Scania increased its market share in Europe during 2015 to about 16.5 (15.1) percent. Due to the early introduction of Euro 6 vehicles, Scania has extensive experience with two generations of the engines. During 2015 Scania received widespread recognition for its low fuel consumption. Scania’s offer in alternative fuels is the most comprehensive in the industry.


Scania’s deliveries of buses and coaches during 2015 amounted to 6,799 units, in line with 2014. During the second quarter 2015, the new Scania Interlink family of low, medium and high decker buses was presented. Scania also delivered its hybrid city bus to customers in Denmark, Norway and Sweden during the year.


Scania’s engines deliveries were at an all-time high during 2015. Scania has a number of major agreements with OEMs such as Doosan, Atlas Copco and Terex. During 2015, additional partnerships were established with Oshkosh Corporation to supply engines for airport vehicles and with Hyundai Heavy Industries for excavators and wheel loaders.


Service demand was good throughout the year in virtually all markets, both in and outside of Europe. Service revenue rose by 9 percent to a record level of SEK 20,585 m. In local currency the upturn was 6 percent.


The customer financing portfolio increased to SEK 56.5 billion during the year. In local currencies the portfolio increased by SEK 4,300 m., by 8 percent. Scania’s share of financed vehicles rose from 37 percent to 42 percent. The demand for insurance solutions was also greater.

Overview 2015