Our three pillars for sustainable transport

Our three pillars for sustainable transport

There is no single, stand-alone solution to the issues affecting global transport. Our approach to sustainable transport rests on three pillars that, individually or combined, accelerate the shift – Energy efficiency, Alternative fuels and electrification, and Smart and safe transport.

Energy efficiency

Offering the most efficient technology for our products combined with services is core for Scania. We focus on three aspects to provide customers with energy-efficient products and solutions: powertrain performance, vehicle optimisation and fuel consumption.

Alternative fuels and electrification

Alternative fuels and electrification are solutions that can be applied separately or combined. Scania provides the largest variety of engines for alternative fuels on the market. We also focus our efforts on electrification technologies for both vehicles and infrastructure.

Smart and safe transport

Connectivity is a key enabler, allowing more efficient logistical flows and greater filling rates. Safety aspects can also be significantly enhanced by digitalisation and automation, when applied in driver assistance technologies for instance.