• Anna Hong

    Anna Hong

    Scania Internship Production, bearbetningJag heter Anna Hong och är precis klar med mitt andra år på Teknisk fysik och elektroteknik internationell på Linköpings universitet.Read more
  • Kristin Egerström

    Kristin Egerström

    Scania Internship Production, monteringMitt namn är Kristin Egerström. Jag är uppvuxen i Nacka och har precis avslutat mitt andra år på Lunds Tekniska Högskola.Read more
  • Anes Sestic

    Anes Sestic

    Summer Technology ProgramMy name is Anes Sestic and I have got the privilege to take you with us on an encouraging and joyful journey during 5 weeks in Oskarshamn.Read more
  • Klara Tollmar

    Klara Tollmar

    Scania Internship ProductionMy name is Klara Tollmar and this summer I will be back at Scania for my second year of Scania Internship Production.Read more
  • Steffany Reyna Marquez

    Steffany Reyna Marquez

    Scania Student Intro, systemsMy name is Steffany Reyna Marquez and am currently pursuing a master’s degree in Systems, Control and Robotics at KTH.Read more
  • Adam Rindeskär

    Adam Rindeskär

    Scania Student Intro, mechanicsMy name is Adam Rindeskär and I am one of the participants in Scania Student Intro.Read more
  • Karin Tyredal Wahlén

    Karin Tyredal Wahlén

    Logistics DeveloperMy name is Karin Tyredal Wahlén and I work as a logistics developer after finishing the Scania Engineer Program (SEP) 2016/2017. Read more
  • Denice Johansson

    Denice Johansson

    Graduate trainee, Production and LogisticsMy name is Denice Johansson and I am one of 26 Scania Graduate Trainees 2016/2017.Read more
  • Therese Enarson

    Therese Enarson

    Graduate trainee, LogisticsMy name is Therese Enarson and I am this year´s trainee in Logistics and part of the Scania Graduate Trainee Program 2016/2017.Read more
  • Nikita Tagner

    Nikita Tagner

    Scania Student Intro, systemsMy name is Nikita Tagner. I am enrolled in what is called Scania Student Intro (SSI), a programme set at Scania for students who have one and...Read more
  • Linnéa O’Hara

    Linnéa O’Hara

    Scania Student Intro, ITHello! This blog will be covering the SSI-IT experience 16/17 of a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management student, me!...Read more
  • Magdalena Cederlöf

    Magdalena Cederlöf

    Scania Student Intro, mechanicsHi everyone! I am Magdalena, a 24 year old mechanical engineering student at Karlstad University and a part of the Scania Student Intro program....Read more
  • Alexandra Wilbs

    Alexandra Wilbs

    Gradute trainee, Sales and MarketingMy name is Alexandra Wilbs and I am a Graduate Trainee in Sales & Marketing. I am from Germany, where I attained a Master of Science in International...Read more
  • Simon Ingebrand

    Simon Ingebrand

    Graduate trainee, Production and LogisticsMy name is Simon Ingebrand, I’m 29 years old, and I’m currently a graduate trainee within production & logistics at Scania’s cab plant in Os...Read more
  • Sara Övreby

    Sara Övreby

    Manager Public AffairsIn this blog I hope to give a broad picture of my work and eventually also some insight on the rationale behind Scania’s standpoints. When n...Read more
  • Isabella Habijan

    Isabella Habijan

    Project Manager Events & ExhibitionsMy name is Isabella Habijan, born and raised in a quite small town being awarded with ‘ The most boring city of Sweden’ some years ago. Of cou...Read more
  • Camilla Sjödin

    Camilla Sjödin

    HR Analyst, Sales and MarketingTo grow and to see others grow in competence, experience and behaviour is what drives Camilla! She started at Scania in 1990 as an administrative...Read more