• Kristoffer Andersson

    Kristoffer Andersson

    Head of Modular kitsI started at Scania in 2007 as an Research & Development trainee in Södertälje. Read more
  • Fredrik Englund

    Fredrik Englund

    Graduate Trainee, Corporate Management & Venture BusinessMy name is Fredrik Englund and I am the 2017/18 Corporate Management & Venture Business trainee.Read more
  • Caroline Heidenreich

    Caroline Heidenreich

    Scania Engineer Program, Research and DevelopmentMy name is Caroline Heidenreich and I am part of the Scania Engineer Program 2017/2018.Read more
  • Anna Eldered

    Anna Eldered

    Scania Engineer Program, Production and LogisticsMy name is Anna Eldered, a newly graduated engineer part of the Scania Engineer Program (SEP) 2017/2018.Read more
  • Steffany Reyna Marquez

    Steffany Reyna Marquez

    Scania Student Intro, systemsMy name is Steffany Reyna Marquez and am currently pursuing a master’s degree in Systems, Control and Robotics at KTH.Read more
  • Adam Rindeskär

    Adam Rindeskär

    Scania Student Intro, mechanicsMy name is Adam Rindeskär and I am one of the participants in Scania Student Intro.Read more
  • Karin Tyredal Wahlén

    Karin Tyredal Wahlén

    Logistics DeveloperMy name is Karin Tyredal Wahlén and I work as a logistics developer after finishing the Scania Engineer Program (SEP) 2016/2017. Read more
  • Denice Johansson

    Denice Johansson

    Graduate trainee, Production and LogisticsMy name is Denice Johansson and I am one of 26 Scania Graduate Trainees 2016/2017.Read more
  • Therese Enarson

    Therese Enarson

    Graduate trainee, LogisticsMy name is Therese Enarson and I am this year´s trainee in Logistics and part of the Scania Graduate Trainee Program 2016/2017.Read more
  • Isabella Habijan

    Isabella Habijan

    Project Manager Events & ExhibitionsMy name is Isabella Habijan, born and raised in a quite small town being awarded with ‘ The most boring city of Sweden’ some years ago. Of cou...Read more