On the road

On the road

I just arrived in the office after spending 1,5 hours in a traffic jam due to a terrible accident involving a truck. Usually my trip to Scania takes me about 35 minutes, and I have the pleasure to use the excellent service of the Scania Job Express. This is by far the smoothest way to get to and from work for me. But some days, like today, these trips are not as smooth as I and my fellow travellers are used to.

What I tend to forget is that my transportation route to get to work, is the workplace for all our customers. Imagine the different experience I have from many others on the road, and since I joined Scania I have started to think that every time I pass a truck or a bus in the morning I am on my way to work whereas the driver of the vehicle are at work.

There is probably no work environment that is 100% secure, but I think it is important to reflect on the work environment our end customers operate in. And how big of a need and demand there is for us to help improve the security and situation in their work environment.

This is far from the reality I operate in, but it makes me think about all the important things we work with at Scania. We don’t only sell a truck, we provide our customers with so much more. I previously work within Insurance, realising both how many Accident and repairs that happen every year – but also how important it is to be insured. Of course, you can never have an insurance that keeps you 100% protected, but at least all material things you have can be. And I promise you, you are better off with a good insurance. These kinds of products also are important for us in the finance department, as we need to follow this up closely. A part of my job requires me to follow up contracts that we provide our customer, for example for repair and maintenance. One that really could be needed in case of a vehicle brakdown, or even if its just a scratch. The financial philosophy regarding R&M contract follow-up is highly complex and takes some time to digest. But do we really know if a product is good if we cant follow it up in a proper way?

The above mentioned products are only two in our service product family. One interesting thing about finance is that you need to know your products and the financials behind it. This is exciting, as I think that we get the best of two worlds in finance, we get to know all products in detail but we are also required to know their results and how you should report them. In addition, this helps us get a bigger network of Scania friends as you more than once have to look outside your own department to get the proper product information.

With this said, drive safe and make sure that our customers know every little detail of all services and service products that we offer – they might just come in handy one day.


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