On a journey with Scania

On a journey with Scania

Kristine Stålhandske first heard of Scania Student Intro while she was studying for a Master of Science degree at Linköping University. Having completed the introductory year, she’s now undertaking the Scania Graduate Trainee Programme along with 19 other young employees.

Kristine Stålhandske first attended Scania Student Intro and is now a graduate trainee at Scania IT.

Kristine Stålhandske first attended Scania Student Intro and is now a graduate trainee at Scania IT.

It’s early morning in Stockholm and Kristine Stålhandske is climbing on board the Scania Job Express bus. She’s on the way from her home in the neighbourhood of Södermalm to Scania’s IT department at Södertälje.

Stålhandske was attracted to Scania’s IT department by the wide range of fields it encompassed and the wide-ranging possibilities it offered. She says she has already learned a great deal of about how IT operates in a large organisation and about how complex these operations can be.

“IT has many aspects because it’s involved in many parts of a company’s operations,” Stålhandske says. “You’re always being challenged and there’s every opportunity to develop.”

Stålhandske studied industrial engineering and management with an international focus at Linköping University. As a part of her education, she learned Spanish, and in her third year she lived and studied in Buenos Aires.

But it was during a careers day in Linköping that she first came into contact with Scania Student Intro.

“I got a tip from a woman in the year ahead of me who had done SSI,” Stålhandske says. “She told me about Scania and that’s how I heard about the introduction programme.”

Stålhandske felt that it was a good opportunity, applied and got in. She’s since had an event-packed year, filled with many new encounters and with people who have shared their experiences with her.

“It’s a lavish programme and you feel important,” Stålhandske says. “I’ve been well looked after and everywhere I’ve turned within the organisation people have taken the time to talk to me.”

Stålhandske says there were several critical factors that went into choosing which company she applied to. She wanted to have the opportunity to gain international experience and the fact that Scania is a global company with an important market in South America was of course significant.

“But the human aspect of the company was at least as important,” she says. “There’s a positive attitude within Scania of letting employees grow, and a secure feeling that you can develop within the company.”

“I’m a pretty committed person and I was also like this when I was studying,” she says. “As a trainee, I get to continue working in the area that really interests me, while getting paid. I couldn’t have made a better choice.”