SDG 1 – No poverty

End poverty in all its form everywhere

Reliable and effective transport systems are a prerequisite for inclusive development and poverty alleviation.

Bus Rapid Transit systems (BRT) is an example of  a transport system that positively contributes to economic and social development while being an environmentally smart solution to issues such as congestion or pollution.

Scania is helping to establish a newBRT system in the West African country of Côte  d’Ivoire: a major project that will help create jobs, improve mobility and provide cleaner transport.

A BRT system would improve public transport in the country’s economic capital Abidjan and enable more efficient, shorter commutes for the city’s population. In turn, this would have a very positive impact on the economic development of the city and its surrounding area, as well as the quality of life of Abidjan’s five million inhabitants.

The consortium behind the project includes the Swedish Government, Swedfund, Scania, WSP, Business Sweden and Ivorian stakeholders. The pre-study was initiated and funded by Swedfund, the state-owned Swedish organisation that aims to reduce poverty through sustainable business investments.