No doubt.

No doubt.

If I was proud to work at Scania yesterday, today the pride has reached a whole new level.









The new Scania Streamline

I’ve had the priveledge to see the Scania Streamline prior to the launch on March 21th. Each update was thoroughly presented during a 3 hour seminar. The crowd was quiet. So quiet. I sat there amazed, but also quiet. When the presentation ended, and the curtains opened up to show the prototype, a great cheer erupted, and I as many others in that room got goosebumps. In that moment, we all knew we’ve seen something special. Something rulechanging to the world of heavy trucking.





Remember the Streamlined predecessor?

So. What’s new? Except for the erased air deflectors, the truck looks like any other Scania. The major change is in, as the presenter put it, “the Heart and Lungs of the Vehicle”.

– The Second generations Euro 6 engines not only reduces emissions. They also reduce fuel consumption. The 450 and 490 hp Euro6 engines themselves, provide a fuel saving of 2 percent. The aerodynamic refinements together with the low drag gearbox further helps the fuel saving cause.

– I can’t write this post without mentioning the Scania active prediction that’s included free of charge with Scania Opticruise. This together with special performance modes provide fuel savings of up to 5 percent! The corresponding economical profit for the customer is amazing.

To read more about the upgrades of Scania Streamline follow this Link

You can also watch a summary video Here!

No doubt. Scania had the customer in focus when developing the new Scania Streamline. And as I mentioned earlier, it makes me proud to work at a company that always has the customer in focus.


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