Next Generation Scania: Trucks in operation

New Scania R 730 V8 completes the Euro 6 range

Scania has unveiled the final element in its Euro 6 V8 engine range – the 3,500 Nm and 730 hp Scania V8.

The company introduced its 520 hp and 580 hp Euro 6 V8 engines earlier this year, promising customers it would launch its top-output V8 by year’s end.

Scania’s Euro 6 V8 engines are the only ones on the market and the arrival of the 730 hp V8 now gives customers three choices. Customers choose Scania V8s for features including performance, operating economy and durability.

Christopher Podgorski, Senior Vice President Trucks.

Christopher Podgorski, Senior Vice President Trucks at Scania.Photo: Dan Boman 2013

“Sheer power never goes out of style,” says Christopher Podgorski, Senior Vice President Trucks at Scania. “Our customers buy V8 trucks for many different reasons, but an understandable need for performance is always one of them. The fact that our customers buy V8 trucks over and over again proves that they are durable and offer unsurpassed productivity as well.”

Scania’s legendary V8 engines were first introduced in 1969 and have established a unique market position all over the world. Scania’s 730 hp engines have a reputation for offering never-ending power, high productivity and a lasting value.

All three Scania V8 engines are based on the 16.4-litre platform that was originally introduced with the 730 hp engine in 2010. Scania’s Euro 6 V8 engines use a water-cooled EGR system combined with SCR technology and a variable geometry turbo in order to achieve Euro 6 emission levels. The silencer unit is only slightly bigger than the best-in-class unit used for Scania’s inline six engines. This means that generous chassis space is left for fuel tanks and AdBlue tanks.

Made for demanding tasks

Scania 16 litre V8 520/580 hp Euro 6 engine

Scania 16-litre V8 520/580 hp Euro 6 engine with EGR and SCR.Illustration: Leon 2013

V8-equipped Scania trucks are used wherever there are demanding tasks. The 520 hp is likely to become a favourite among many long-haulage customers, due to its endurance and capacity to deal with undulating roads while maintaining reasonable fuel consumption. The 580 hp version offers all the performance of the previous 620 in Euro 5.

The 730 hp version, on the other hand, is of course not the engine for any odd job. 60-tonne timber trucks in the Nordic countries, heavy-haulage in Germany and heavy-duty general haulage in Norway are examples of applications where 730 hp Scania V8s thrive and excel.

An impressive torque curve

Scania R 730 6×4 Streamline

Scania R 730 6×4 Streamline, Highline cab. Timber transport with trailer.
Ljusdal, SwedenPhoto: Dan Boman 2013

The 730 hp Euro 6 Scania V8 has an even more impressive torque curve, compared to its Euro 5 predecessor. Scania’s engineers have created a wider – or “fatter”– torque curve which means that maximum torque is available from 1,000 r/min all the way up to 1,400 r/min. The reinforced automated gearbox with Scania Opticruise is fitted as standard to handle the power.

Scania’s V8s are only available together with Scania’s premium R-cabs. The Scania V8s can be combined with a variety of gearboxes, rear axles with or without hub reduction, and tandem bogies with either single reduction or hub reduction.