New Scania heavy-haulage tractors

New Scania heavy-haulage tractors

Scania’s new heavy-haulage tractors units are based on components from the company’s modular product range. Heavy-haulage customers around the globe will benefit from significant savings on the initial investment, as well as gains in repair and maintenance costs and uptime.

The performance of the new tractor units can be tailored to a wide variety of needs and all servicing can be handled by the Scania service network. These heavy-haulage tractors take Scania’s strongest components and combine them into a highly efficient and competitive product with numerous configuration options.

Scania R 730 8x4 twin-steer V8 Streamline, Topline cab, Heavy haulage tractor.

Scania R 730 8×4 heavy-haulage tractor, Topline cab

V8 brings massive power

The new family of heavy-haulage tractors can be specified with Scania’s most powerful, 3,500 Nm and 730 hp 16.4-litre V8, Scania’s extra heavy-duty overdrive gearbox, Scania Opticruise automated gear changing and 9 or 10-tonne front and tag axles.

Other specifications options include a 32-tonne hub reduction tandem bogie, drum or disc brakes, air suspension or parabolic leaf springs and heavy-duty flitched frame. The 8×4 version is ready to take on gross train weights of up to 180 or 250 tonnes, depending on factors such as the choice of axles and local regulations.

Scania’s V8 engine is offered in outputs from 500 hp. An interesting option for some applications is Scania’s 13-litre inline six-cylinder engine with up to 2,500 Nm and 480 hp, an engine renowned for its high torque-to-power ratio.

Engines are available that comply with emission levels Euro 6/5/4/3 and EEV as well as Japanese regulations. All are based on a common platform with uniform architecture that simplifies servicing and parts supply.


All mechanical transmission

The mechanical transmission, without torque converter, makes the powertrain highly efficient, with excellent fuel economy in tough conditions. The 12+2-speed overdrive gearbox has twin crawler gears for easy starting, yet provides main road cruising at reasonable engine revs.

Sophisticated clutch control allows smooth starts with minimum slip. A special manoeuvring-mode offers control with millimetre precision. A torque converter gearbox is offered as an option.

Six, eight and ten-wheelers are offered. Steered tag axles can be specified in front of, or behind, the bogie. The compact rear axle set-up allows the wheelbase to be as short as 3,300 mm on the four-axle. All-wheel-drive 6×6 and 8×8 can be specified. (8×8 as special order). Front and rear trailer couplings can be specified.

Improved cab comfort

Heavy-haulage tractors are often specified with high-roof sleeper cabs, such as the Scania Topline. This is partly for comfort and partly to connect naturally to the special rack behind the cab housing hydraulics, air tanks, fuel and other specialised equipment. Lower and shorter cabs are available. These include flat-roof cabs designed to maximise space above the cab to carry an overhead crane, for example.

The high-mounted R-series cab range is mandatory in combination with the V8 engine, whereas the medium-high G-series is an option with 6-cylinder engines.

Scania cab overview, P-, G- and R-series. Short cabs, day cabs, sleeper cabs

Scania cab overview, P-, G- and R-series. Short cabs, day cabs, sleeper cabs

A major bonus is the comprehensive use of parts and components out of the Scania modular toolbox, components that are familiar to any Scania service workshop. All parts are available via the 1,600-strong global Scania service network, with overnight parts deliveries throughout Europe.