Music please.

Music please.

Of course they have a freaking studio inside their office.

Spotify, the pioneers of music distribution, the pioneers of an agile way of working. Last Friday we gave them a visit to hear their take on how you should, or rather could, work in a company that produce software. We had a lot of interesting discussions, mainly regarding their team setup and where the decision making took place, but also their company culture and theirs thoughts of how an office space should be setup.

My main take away from this visit was that there are multiple ways of doing things, and that there’s no “One way to rule them all”. Of course the initial view of Spotify was that everything they do is amazing and that they have no problems with anything, I mean how could they, they are so awesome! But as the discussion went on, it became more clear that they have challenges and struggles, as any company does. They also struggle with recruitment of developers, they also need to take good care of their company culture, they also need to move because of lack of space, and so on. However, they are a head, and I think other IT companies should give them a visit to learn their ways!

Have a great week!


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