Moscow improves its public transport

Moscow improves its public transport

Scania Rus LLC has been contracted by GAZ Group to provide 541 chassis to be used in the production of their LiAZ Voyage intercity buses. The new buses are part of a public transport upgrade program by the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.  

Deliveries of the chassis began in October 2017 and will continue until March 2018. Assembly will take place at the Likino Bus Plant before being put into service on urban, suburban and intercity routes by Mostransavto.

GAZ Group started using Scania chassis for its Cruise tourist buses in 2004. This is the biggest order placed by GAZ Group since 2014, when Scania delivered more than 700 chassis as part of the preparation for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics and Paralympic Winter Games.

In total, Scania has now provided more than 2,200 chassis to GAZ Group.

A more productive future

Replacing many of the older buses will provide a more pleasant experience for passengers and a better driver environment. The new buses will have better fuel economy, while the use of more modern materials and technologies are seen as a step towards creating more sustainable transport.

The combination of the Scania chassis and the LiAZ body were chosen with Russian operational conditions in mind. Covering the Moscow region requires servicing routes of up to 500 kilometres. The new buses will be one of the first steps in improving the Moscow region’s public transport infrastructure.