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More uptime with field workshops

Scania’s field workshops go where customers go, helping to improve uptime in isolated areas.

Scania has developed field workshops as a flexible alternative to permanent structures. These container solutions are an ideal option for customers who don’t have easy access to regular service workshops.

The field workshop solution is mobile, can be quickly installed and is cheaper than a permanent workshop. It is also flexible and easy to adapt to local business and operational needs.

Ideal startup solution

It is an ideal startup solution in new markets but is equally handy in mature markets, for example during refurbishments.

“It’s essentially a plug-and-play solution,” says Markku Markkanen, Project Manager, Scania Real Estate Services.

Scania OFF-road event, mobile field workshop in Barcelona, Spain.

Scania OFF-road event, mobile field workshop in Barcelona, Spain.

“The workshop, tools, compressor and other features are all fixed to the container, but customers have to arrange access to water, electricity and sewage.”

Customers also need to ensure that local building regulations are met, along with site preparation, insurance and other external factors.

The container workshop is a two-bay solution where four trucks can be serviced at one time.

Combined to meet specific needs

There are eight modules – workshop, parts, office, lubrication, ablution, accommodation, kitchen and environmental (for sorting waste). These can be combined to meet the specific needs of individual customers.

Field workshops have already been put to the test in a number of locations, including Thailand, India, Estonia and Iraq, and are targeted for new projects in Australia, Brazil, Russia and elsewhere.

“Demand for this type of solution is especially high in the mining and forestry segments,” says Markkanen. “Customers can concentrate on their core business, while we take care of servicing and providing them with more uptime.”