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Meeting environmental challenges: Scania’s Euro 6 engines

Scania is working on a broad front and in cooperation with customers to help reduce the environmental impact related to carbon dioxide and other substances. Scania’s Euro 6 engines make it possible for keen operators to take the next step and invest in the greenest technology available in the market.

For a long time, there have been regulations which prescribe limits for discharges of particulates and nitric oxide. Many countries have introduced the Euro emission standards, and the Euro 5 standard currently applies in the European Union, Brazil and elsewhere.

The next stage in Europe will be the Euro 6 standard, which enters into force within the EU and certain neighbouring countries on 31 December 2013 for all new vehicles that are sold.

Early launch

As early as March 2011, Scania launched its first Euro 6 engines in order to give far-sighted hauliers the opportunity to be one step ahead before the new emission standard go into effect.

An acknowledgement of the successful launch came when Scania’s R 480 Euro 6 tractor model recently received the “Green Truck 2012” award from the respected German trade magazines Verkehrsrundschau and Trucker.

“The good results achieved by the Scania R 480 Euro 6 in these press tests confirm that Scania’s engineers have done an excellent job in developing the engines,” says Scania’s Managing Director for Germany and Austria, Alexander Vlaskamp.

The Euro 6 standard means about one fifth of the emissions of nitric oxide and particulates compared to Euro 5. Lower carbon dioxide emissions is an area that is in constant focus since lower fuel consumption is of great importance to Scania’s customers.

Scania Transport Conference

“Ecolution for sustainable growth – Competitive solutions for reducing CO2 in road transport” is the theme for the Scania Transport Conference 2012. The conference will be held 14 November in Brussels, Belgium.

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