Meet Scania’s V8 heroes

Meet Scania’s V8 heroes

Meet the “heartbeats” of Scania’s most recent masterpiece – the new V8 engine. For the past three years, this group of engineers, designers, project managers and product managers has overseen the new engine’s journey from 3D digital designs through plastic models to the magnificent machine you see here. Now there’s a new heart for the King of the Road. This is the team that made the beat go on.

Mikael Åkerfelt, Development Engineer Eric Ridström, Object Manager Kristoffer Klingberg, Assistant Chief Engineer Didier Biwersi, Project Leader Johan Clason, Product Manager, Trucks Daniel Ekholm, Production Engineer Image Map

Kristoffer Klingberg

Assistant Chief Engineer, R&D

Favourite V8 object: “Double inlet turbocharger”

Kristoffer Klingberg more or less grew up inside a Scania 141, the truck his father drove in the greater Stockholm area in the early 1980s. As Assistant Chief Engineer for the new V8 engine since 2013, Klingberg has worked with the marketing, service, production and purchasing departments. “We have the customers’ profitability in mind in everything we do. We focus on fuel consumption as well as on repair and maintenance issues.”

Johan Clason

Product Manager, Marketing

Favourite V8 object: “That V8 sound”

Attached to the project since 2013, Johan Clason have become a familiar sight to Sca nia’s R&D engineers. As Product Manager, Trucks, he looks at questions of volume, pricing and target groups for the V8’s sales and marketing. In many ways, the V8 engine is a marketing professional’s dream. “It’s so
widely known and popular, it’s almost like Scania’s second brand.”

Daniel Ekholm

Production Engineer, Production

Favourite V8 object: “Slotted holes on the intake manifold flange”

Production Engineer Daniel Ekholm Ekholm works at Scania’s engine assembly unit, where all Scania V8 engines are manufactured. He started his career at Scania as a fitter on the engine manufacturing line, and since then he has accumulated almost 30 years of experience in engine production. Ekholm has been deeply involved in the development of Scania’s new V8 engine. “I was part of the team from the very beginning, right from the first digital drawings to the first manually built prototypes.”

Didier Biwersi

Project Leader, R&D

Favourite V8 object: “Single bank exhaust manifold”

A large part of the reason for the success of the V8 team is project manager Didier Biwersi. After four years of hard work, he is now genuinely excited about the new engine’s “fantastic, unbelievable” fuel economy figures (a saving of 7 to 10 percent, he says proudly), its improved layout and serviceability, and its torque-to-horse-power ratio. “We know we have a fantastic product, and I’m really looking forward to
the response of our customers when we launch it.”

Eric Ridström

Object Manager, R&D

Favourite V8 object: “Aftertreatment system”

After having grown up in his father’s engine workshop surrounded by American V8 engines, Eric Ridström knows the ins and outs of V8s. He’s a proud member of the V8 team, and says he likes the challenges of a V8 engine. “The gas flow through a V8 engine is enormous, and we need to let it pass the aftertreatment system with as little resistance as possible. We strive to use surfaces, catalysts and particulate filters in
the system optimally.”

Mikael Åkerfelt

Development Engineer, Service

Favourite V8 object: “The single accumulator with the high pressure lines”
Ex-service technician Mikael Åkerfelt knows the importance of an engine with a simple layout and good serviceability. And with the task of ensuring that the V8 engine is made as easy to repair as possible, he is a godsend to the workshops. “My goal is to make myself obsolete. If I do the work well enough early on, the workshops shouldn’t need any advice on how to repair it.”