Maximum efficiency, high performance

Maximum efficiency, high performance

Scania has tailored solutions for a large number of applications that offer improved efficiency, high performance and lower environmental impact.


Operating efficiently is a prime concern for distribution trucks that must deliver, for example, provisions to hotels and restaurants on a busy schedule. A temperature-controlled box, easy cab access, good manouevrability and air suspension contribute to this goal.


Uptime and fuel consumption are the most important factors for long-haul transport services. Scania’s extensive workshop network ensures high uptime. Drivers are very important to operating economy, road safety and environmental impact. Aside from driver training and personal coaching, Scania offers a number of onboard vehicle systems that help drivers improve vehicle performance and enhance safety.

Frequent stop-and-go runs are a challenge for refuse collection vehicles. Scania’s solutions provide advantages such as a low entry cab for easy access, automatic transmission, and engines with high power output on low revs.

City distribution vehicles must manouevre tight corners, vulnerable road users and busy streets in stressful conditions. Large windscreens and narrow A-pillars, improve driver visibility and thus road safety. Uptime and good load capacity are also important.

Mining trucks need to move large volumes of heavy material in demanding conditions at the lowest possible cost. Meeting this challenge requires strong, robust and reliable vehicles with high uptime and high payload capacity.

For timber hauliers, achieving the best overall economy throughout the transport chain is a top priority. The profitabiity of both haulier and timber company depends on high vehicle utilisation, in tough operating conditions, and access to servicing.


Meeting high passenger demands in relation to comfort and safety, low fuel consumption, high reliability and minimal maintenance requirements are crucial to the profitability of coach operators. Scania offers comprehensive solutions with attractive and comfortable vehicles, customised service and repair agreements, including financing solutions in many cases.

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) helps address the challenges of megacities. This express bus system offers mobility for large numbers of people and with manageable investment costs. The concept features dedicated bus lanes, high bus frequencies and short boarding and exit times at bus stops. Scania offers attractive solutions for all the different aspects of bus systems ensuring both efficiency and passenger satisfaction.


For construction machinery such as stone crushers, wheel loaders and dumpers, high uptime and reliability are in focus. Trucks and construction machinery equipped with Scania engines help customers improve efficiency of maintenance and repairs significantly.

Lobster fishing in the stormy, unpredictable North Atlantic entails several risks. The Scania range of strong, reliable marine engines help ensure the safety and livelihood of fishermen and others dependent on efficient and powerful marine engines.