Lunch Excercise at Gröndal

Lunch Excercise at Gröndal

Scania has its own gym for their employees called Gröndal Hälsocenter. The gym is opened every day of the week and during lunch break, you can go by the Scania Job Express to and from the gym. Today was my first day working out during the lunch break. This was not quite possible when I was working in production, where the working hours were not as flexible. Today I spent my time at the regular gym, but next time I will try a class.

The bus left the Scania Technical Center (where R&D is and where I am spending my current practice period) at ten to eleven and went back from the gym at 12:20, so you might have to stay a bit longer at work during the afternoon but it might be worth it since it is more difficult to have the energy to go to the gym after you have arrived home from work (at least that is my experience). They have a cafeteria at Gröndal with a deli buffet but I bought a salad as I arrived back to work.


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