Long-distance diagnostics

Long-distance diagnostics

With the new Scania Remote Diagnostics service, a workshop can check on a vehicle’s status before it even arrives.

Scania Remote Diagnostics is available in trucks delivered after September 2012 that are fitted with Scania Communicator. The service enables the workshop to run diagnostics remotely to get a better impression of the status of a vehicle prior to seeing it. By identifying vehicle problems early on, workshop staff can prepare and plan for the servicing of a vehicle. This in turn minimises vehicle downtime, saving customers time and money.

Prior to the vehicle’s arrival at the workshop, the Scania service adviser downloads the vehicle’s status report to help with the planning of maintenance or repairs. Having a report helps identify where the problems are at an early stage. This ensures that the service workshop is ready with the right parts and people once the vehicle arrives.

Fully planned workshop visit

In one case, for example, remote diagnostics identified a defective horn connection and an intermittent fault in an ABS sensor. This early detection alerted the workshop about the potential need to have a new horn in stock in case the connection was beyond repair.

“The fact that we can communicate with the vehicles creates better benefits for Scania customers, and the driver can report malfunctions and events directly into the portal,” says Claes Åkerlund, Head of Srvice Concepts at Scania. “The workshop visit can be fully planned, parts can be ready for fitting, and service technicians with the right skills can be booked in advance. All in all, the time needed for maintenance is more predictable, and this helps the operator to maximise  the time the vehicle is earning money.”

A remote follow-up

Scania Assistance can also perform remote diagnostics on a vehicle that is encountering problems on the road. Critical information, such as fault codes, can be accessed to prepare the technician for the job before he goes out on the roadside call. This too helps get the vehicle up and running again quickly.

The service offers customers a remote follow-up a few days after the vehicle has been in the workshop. By accessing vehicle data remotely, the workshop can check that all problems have indeed been solved.  This eliminates the need for an additional workshop visit and assures the driver that all is well with the vehicle.