Local air quality and global CO2 go hand in hand

Local air quality and global CO2 go hand in hand

The future of the transport sector is not only about air quality, the world also need to decarbonise. And there is really no need to compromise – Scania can help with both.

Scania provides the widest choice of alternative fuels and powertrains in the world – assuring cost-effective commercial solutions to power clean Euro 6 fleets with a locally produced low-carbon alternative fuel.

By shifting to alternative fuels, you can also leapfrog to Euro 6 even in regions where the available diesel fuel quality does not allow the use of clean diesel engine technology.

Sustainable biofuels

With fuel partners, Scania supplies turnkey solutions for both vehicles and fuels. Scania can makeuse of locally produced sustainable biofuels, and can even turn sewage and organic waste into biogas, bioethanol or biodiesel for the local bus fleets. This not only means real clean and low carbon transport, but also creates local jobs, reduces dependence on oil imports, and boosts the local agricultural economy.

For Scania, alternative fuels means business as usual. The first biofuel engine was built in 1916, and a 100 years later, 24.5 % of global bus sales are low carbon buses, powered by biogas, biodiesel, HVO, bioethanol or hybrid electric drivelines.