Life in the workshop is ‘la dolce vita’ for Natascia

Life in the workshop is ‘la dolce vita’ for Natascia

As workshop manager, Alessandra Lucaroni is one of few women in the largely male-dominated world of heavy vehicle repair and maintenance. But the Scania Ormia workshop, that serves the greater Rome-Lazio area, is in many ways special. Of the staff of 11, four are women, including newly-employed service technician Natascia Perucci and Debora Rendoni, the parts supervisor.

Perucci, a 20-year old from Foligno in Umbria, started studying tourism in upper secondary school but was often drawn to the nearby classroom where students learned auto mechanics. She had always had a great passion for engines, and when not in class spent much of her time riding a motocross bike. With the encouragement of her teachers, she quit the hotel business and switched to auto mechanics.

Upon graduation, Perucci started working with passenger cars but she set her sights higher than that – she wanted to become a truck mechanic, which is where Alessandra Lucaroni comes in. Workshop manager Lucaroni, whose father Carlo established the workshop in 1991, was first to respond to her CV. She had, in fact, been waiting for an opportunity to add another young woman to the team.

Alessandra Lucaroni, workshop manager and Natascia Perucci, service technician.

Perucci now spends her days repairing and maintaining Scania trucks, buses and engines under the guidance of supervisor Nazzareno Sabatini. “You can tell that these engines are made by people who know what they’re doing,” she says. “In addition to being powerful and reliable, they’re built very intelligently and it’s easy to repair them. Since all the engine parts can be easily reached, repair times have been reduced and we service technicians don’t have to struggle so much.”

With its 12 bays, Ormia services around 2,000 trucks and buses last year. In addition to its local customer also tends to the needs of passing traffic on the A1 Autostrada del Sole, connecting Milan and Naples.

Service technician Natascia Perucci.

Soon, Ormia plans to let Perucci take the 24-hour Scania Assistance van out on the road by herself. It is challenging testing ground that will strengthen her skills and ability, the workshop reasons. “Someday, I’d like to become the workshop supervisor,” says the ambitious young service technician.