Last week of SEP

Last week of SEP

And so it was time – the last week of SEP. The months being a Scania Engineer Programme participant have gone by fast. But before the 27 of us started “real life” we had one last week of activities.

These activities included a Presentation and Rhetoric course, a visit to Oskarshamn (finally!), and a few lectures.

During the rhetoric course we got to practise how to say many of the thing we have learned during the year, but what was most valuable for me is to actually evaluate what you have said and done after your presentation. I think we can apply that on many things in life  – not only a presentation but also a meeting! As a matter of fact, I was given the recommendation to have a reflection/Lessons learned document during one of my rotations. In this document, which in my case is a golden covered book, I have written down things that I am proud of during the year and also things that I have learned.

The day after we were given a lecture by the Executive Vice President of Purchasing and his thoughts and view about purchasing and purchasing in the future. This is an area that directly affects my future role at logistics at the main assembly line and realising how they see things during negotiations and discussions is truly valuable.

Following the purchasing lecture we talked to previous SEP participants and their lessons learned and tips about the future. After that it was time to go to Tom Tits Experiment! Most of us were like children again – science is amazing! We had a small competition and my team finished in second place, but the race was close between all of us. Having the Tom Tits museum close by allows both children and adults to understand science in a tactile way and I am proud to say that Scania is a contributor to Tom Tits.

The day after it was time for a road trip – a visit to the Oskarshamn site. We were given an introduction to the plant and then showed around. To sum it up I can understand why it is called one of the most modern factories in Europe! The site has changed quite a lot during these last couple of years and the planning (and logistics – of course) behind it is really impressive! I have never seen that many robots at the same place before and seeing them work together and assembling the cab was something I cannot describe.

On Friday it was a nice lunch planned and everyone dressed up the what was the last organized event with SEP – a nice lunch and a finishing ceremony.

We started the day with Check in Photos which means we selected a few pictures to demonstrate how we feel and how we have felt during the year and also what we felt about the future. To summarize how most of us felt: we are grateful for this year. If you look at the group of people that came through the gates a couple of months ago we are not the same – just think about the lessons we’ve learned that experience we have gained and the friends and network we have established!


Look at us! These pictures were taken on the first and the last day of SEP – what a wonderful group of people!


Saying good bye to this group of people, most of which I did not know before, was sad. But even though we still will meet up it will not be in the same organized way.

With the end of SEP there is also an end to this blog. However, this is not the last post – I will be writing one last one about my reflections from SEP.


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