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We presented our master thesis at Uppsala University on the 23rd of June. A few days of small corrections followed and then we handed it in. It was such a relief. Not long after that the final result came and we had passed the course. The final course of uni. The last task as a student. This was also my last participation in the Scania Student Intro program. It feels odd that Scania has been a part of almost my entire master, and now it is over. Now I move on to new adventures.

Lisa and Moa

Lisa and I celebrating the presentation of our master thesis.

Me not staying at Scania do not mean I didn’t like it here. Quite the opposite. I have learned so much and got to know so many interesting people that it now feels sad to move on, even though I am looking forward to what is to come. I cannot emphasise it enough. SSI has given me so much during my last years as a student, not just as a part in my career and education but also personally. This is why I strongly recommend you to apply next year if you have the opportunity. Below is a short summary of what the program included. Please read my older posts or the other SSI blogs if you want to know more about the program. You can also visit the SSI website here.

  • Application – In November 2013 I sent in my application
  • Assessment day – January 2014. Full day at Scania R&D with interviews and group case
  • First Weekend – After being accepted to SSI the first weekend took place. Lots of introduction and driving trucks
  • Second weekend – Focus on summer internships and team building
  • Summer internship – I did a GUI evaluation and worked as a system developer
  • Third weekend – Focus on the upcoming master thesis
  • Fourth Weekend – (I missed this one)
  • Master Thesis – During the spring of 2015. Me and my friend Lisa worked at a data analysis group at R&D. The thesis is titled “Finding patterns in diagnostic trouble codes – A data mining study applying associative classification“

Thank you, Scania, for taking such good care of me during the last 1,5 year. I want to express my gratitude to everyone who has provided me with guidance and constructive criticisms during my time at Scania. Hopefully we will meet again.

Kind regards,

Moa Fransson


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