Last Day of Summer Job

Last Day of Summer Job

As they say: “Everything comes to an end” and last week on Friday, was my last day as a Summer Intern at Scania. My mentor had booked a presentation of what I had been developing during the summer, our neighbour departments were invited but all NEVS (the department I worked for) was to be there since they were interested in what I had done.

“The capacity to learn is a gift, the ability to learn is a skill and the willingness to learn is a choice.” – Brian Herbert

Going down memory lane:

While doing the power-point slides for my presentation, I remembered how it all started …  I recall the first day, when everything was new and I did not know a thing about trucks or what NEVS did (to my surprise I now know what EMS, DTC, HIL stands for. It only took 3 months hahaha). It also came to my mind those days when I was about to give up because I could not seem to solve programming issues, I just hated python and doubted all knowledge gained from University. I also remember that day, when all of a sudden I could write a proper code, google some methods and find the right way of writing scripts. There were many things that just went through my mind … I could not believe I actually did all of what I was writing down in the slides.

When I was done with the power-point I was about to burst into tears (tears of joy, of course!). I was proud of the work I did, but mostly I was proud of myself. I wanted to learn, I was willing to learn and I asked many times till I got everything right! (probably Andreas and Marcus got tired of me calling their names all July, hahaha, sorry for that guys!).

Looking back to how I was when I started as a Summer Intern: very nervous, full of doubts about my knowledge; and how I am now … I have changed: now I have confidence in myself. Now, I know that I can learn anything, that I can overcome anything and that there are always people around us willing to help us. I recall someone telling me: “At KTH you don’t learn courses, what you learn is HOW to teach yourself new things”, and this was totally true!

Presentation Day:

The presentation started and I explained to my colleagues how the tool, I had developed, worked. I also built a GUI for the tool which was in different shades of pink (It matched the Scania Griffin logo hahaha) but they can change the colours if they want to. It seemed like everyone was very interested in its functionality since they started throwing ideas about what could be done from there and possible ways to improve the tool. At the end of the presentation my new boss Elisabeth (I got a new boss during the middle of the summer) gave me a little present: a Scania mug so that I could remember all of them while drinking coffee at KTH (so thoughtful of them!). Then we all went to have lunch at Granpark.

In the afternoon I started to close all programmes on my computer, cleaned my desk, turned-off my computer, said goodbye to everyone and finally went to Scania Technical Centre’s reception desk to leave my access card 🙁 (yep, it felt weird leaving Scania and also a little bit sad.) Work is almost like University: you spend 8h a day there, you get used to it and then it just becomes like your second home (how can you leave your home?). So as I said: it felt weird, mostly because on my way home I was thinking: did I save everything?, did I check that script?, did I write this and that? (hahahaha … my head didn’t want to end the work)

My coffee mug. I also got to keep the name-sign I had above my desk 😀

Almost all of colleagues at NEVS. My mentor Birger was on vacations when we took the picture. *Special thanks to Anders (head of NEV department) who helped us take it.*

This was my desk all summer 😀


Well, now I want to thank everyone at NEVS: Birger, Elisabeth, Andreas, Marcus, Valeria, Daniel, Patrick, Phillip and all the other guys …. you were the best colleagues I have ever had . Thank you to my mentor Birger: who was very supportive and patient, thank you Andreas and Marcus: I promise to bring you more hallon/mandel chocolates next time I’m at Scania 😀 and thank you to my old boss Daniel for opening a place for me at NEVS and let me meet many good people, I could not have been there if it wasn’t for you.

I will also take advantage of this post and thank the person who stood by my side and cheered me up through the whole summer: my fiancée Oskar (I would not have been able to achieve all of this without you!)

Well, I am still part of the Scania Student Intro programme and we have 2 weekend- meetings left so it is not goodbye … it’s just See you soon!



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