Kick-off for global trainee programme

Kick-off for global trainee programme

Scania’s new Global Champion Trainee Program involves increased cooperation between the different companies within VW Truck & Bus, which gives the trainees a wider network than before. The program started in September with a common onboarding week in Södertälje.

Scania’s graduate trainee programme has a long history and has always attracted a large number of applicants. This year’s 15-month Scania Global Champion Trainee Program offers participants even better career opportunities than before thanks to cooperation with corresponding programmes at MAN, Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus and VW Nutzfahrzeuge.

“From this year we have created a common framework around the four graduate trainee programmes within VW Truck & Bus. Everyone starts at the same time, and we have a common onboarding week and a common conclusion. A new feature is the mandatory rotation to another company within the group,” says Erik Barkman, Manager Personnel Development at VW Truck & Bus, who leads the work to create the common framework.

The common start week for the 50 or so graduate trainees was held in Södertälje in the last week of September. The packed schedule included everything from lectures to teambuilding exercises. Following the onboarding week, all participants have returned to their respective graduate trainee programmes – until the time comes later on in the programme to change company.

“The graduate trainees will gain a broader network, which will improve their career opportunities in the future”, says Erik Barkman.

“It’s something of a puzzle to have so many people moving around at the same time, a challenge that we are working on together in our cross-functional project team,” says Erik.

Increased cooperation within Truck & Bus

The aim of the graduate trainee programme is not just to ensure competence provision within the group; it is also hoped that it will contribute to increased cooperation between the various companies within Truck & Bus.

“HR has an important role to play in efforts to increase understanding of our different cultures at the companies and ensuring that our employees can meet and cooperate across borders in a variety of contexts. The graduate trainee programme is one way of increasing understanding and is also an excellent example of a cross-brand project, in which together we are greater than the individual parts.”

“Nor are these young people ‘indoctrinated’ by a specific brand. They can meet, exchange experiences and work as ambassadors when they return to their own company.”

Erik believes more people are interested in the programme this year because of the increased opportunities to work outside their own country.

Meet 3 graduate trainees

Question: What made you apply for the graduate trainee programme and how has it been so far?

José Lima, VW Caminhões e Ônibus, Brazil

I was attracted by the fact that the programme spans a number of brands, which provides international experience and the chance to work with different types of challenges.

So far it has been fantastic, just open doors everywhere. It seems as if they are interested in our ideas. I get the impression that “anything is possible”.

Jakob Traung, Scania, Sweden

I have always been a car nerd, so Scania was an easy first career choice. They also seemed to have the best graduate trainee programme. I like the opportunities to work abroad and not having to stay within one particular field of work. We will also have the chance to get a truck driving licence!

They have really made us feel important during this period. And it feels like we are part of an international group, with the whole point being for us to cooperate like one of course.

Gloria Wallmeier, MAN, Germany

I work in HR and I believe it is important to have an overview of all parts of the organisation. It is also an opportunity to see how HR is managed within Scania.
Prior to the onboarding week, I wondered how I would fit in, but everyone is really open and friendly.


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