Keeping tourist buses and fire trucks rolling

Keeping tourist buses and fire trucks rolling

Scania service technicians and parts experts keep all kinds of vehicles on the road. The first two grand finalists for this year’s Top Team competition have shown their commitment to helping out tourists and emergency service staff.

When a group of international tourists found themselves stranded due to a problem with their tour bus, members of Russia’s Hot Peppers service team sprang into action.

Keenly aware of how such an experience could ruin the travellers’ holiday, the staff from Scania’s workshop in Saint Petersburg knuckled down and repaired the faulty engine as quickly as possible. “We fixed it in three hours and the tourists were happy to continue their trip,” they recall.

Commitment to customers

The Hot Peppers say they “work hard every day in hard conditions” and excel at finding faults in electrical systems. This kind of commitment to the customer has helped the team land one of the first two places in the Scania Top Team final. The other team to qualify is Keltruck Nottingham from the UK.

Keltruck Nottingham, meanwhile, regularly works with buses and firefighting trucks. The team likes to be challenged – which is exactly what Top Team is all about.

Challenges are a part of the daily work

In addition to challenging themselves and the other finalists, the Keltruck Nottingham team looks forward to visiting Scania’s DemoCentre, as well as Stockholm, which the team members describe as “beautiful”.

Scania Top Team is Scania’s competition-like training programme for its service technicians and parts experts, and the 2014/15 competition has now reached its final stages. The world final will take place in Södertälje, Sweden, in the first weekend of December.