Johan Clason, Product Manager, Trucks

Johan Clason, Product Manager, Trucks

The amazing job that the R&D engineers have done on the new V8 engine would be wasted if it were not marketed properly.  Johan Clason has responsibility for the sales and marketing of the engine from a product management perspective.

Attached to the project since 2013, Johan Clason and his dapper bow tie have become a familiar sight to the engineers. As Product Manager, Trucks, he looks at questions of volume, pricing and target groups for the V8’s sales and marketing.

In many ways, the V8 engine is a marketing professional’s dream. “It’s so widely known and popular, it’s almost like Scania’s second brand,” Clason says.

My favourite V8 object: That V8 sound.

Apart from the emotional ­attraction, he also emphasises the logical factors for potential buyers of the new engine.

Chief among those is the ­massive 7 to 10 percent improvement in fuel consumption. Along with the engine’s increased robustness and the possibility of hauling more payload at a high, steady speed, Clason highlights fuel savings as an example of its sustainability.

“For Scania, we have not seen this sort of fuel consumption improvement in engine development for 50 to 60 years. With this new engine we really want to ­reinforce the strength of the V8 as an engine and as a brand – not least because the V8 has become more rational and logical than ever.”

That V8 sound

“We want to reach existing and new customers,” Clason says. “It could be non-Scania customers who have not yet experienced the V8 or customers who are ­considering an inline six engine and a V8, but also loyal ­customers who know the V8’s benefits, such as attracting and keeping good drivers.”

“Our customers’ business margins can often be tough, so we want to show them that a higher purchasing price is offset by the value of owning and driving a V8. It can be a more rational engine for hauliers than they currently have.”

How so? “We have simplified the engine, but are still at the forefront with engine technology.”

“With an SCR-only engine and Miller technology, the vehicle is less sensitive to transient operations, such as when you stop and start in traffic at low speed or haul low loads.”

The project’s final stage is also the final stretch for Clason personally with the V8. “I’m off to Asia later this year to develop new markets in the region, so my wife, three children and I will make a new life there. I’m very grateful to have worked with the V8. There is so much excitement and anticipation about the launch among colleagues in marketing, communications and sales, and in the market.”

So which V8 object will he miss?

“I really enjoy the sound of the V8 – it stirs up such emotions. When you’re in a car passing a V8 hauling 60 tonnes uphill, nothing beats that sound. You just know it’s another happy Scania customer.”