”I’ve been encouraged to try things myself”

”I’ve been encouraged to try things myself”

Karin Tyredal Wahlén’s criteria for choosing an employer were: a big company with production facilities. So, she didn’t hesitate when the chance came up to work at Scania.

It was while studying at Linköping University that Karin Tyredal Wahlén first came into contact with a real production facility. Undertaking a Master of Science in Communications, Transport and Infrastructure Engineering, she took a summer job at telecommunications company Ericsson. The production facilities there left a big impression on her.

Production is concrete and tangible

“That really prompted my interest in production,” she says. “It’s fun because you get to see what people are working on. As opposed to working with computer systems or with things on paper, production is really concrete and tangible.”

Karin is now in the middle of Scania Engineer Program and is undertaking her second practical-period within Scania’s Research & Development (R&D) department. But her ‘home department’, where she is employed, is the Logistics Centre, whose operations are directly tied to production.

Karin Tyredal Wahlén, Logistics developer

Karin Tyredal Wahlén, Logistics developer

“The Logistics Centre ensures that the production side of things – such as engine assembly – gets the materials that they need,” she says. “If there’s a problem with logistics, there’s a risk that the production line will come to a halt, and that’s something that absolutely cannot happen.”

Working with production processes – the actual day-to-day activities of the operation – is something that she will come back to. She says the area is exciting, partly because unforeseen things are happening all the time and staff have to be solutions oriented. “If something happens, you need to drop everything else and solve the situation that has cropped up,” she says. “It’s fun and challenging – and often quite fast paced.”

Scania Engineer Program gives you an overview of the business

Karin Tyredal Wahlén is particularly enjoying the practical work she is undertaking with R&D (where she is working on engine development), as it gives her an understanding of the operation’s entirety. Getting such an overview and getting to know the different sides of the business was one of the main reasons that she applied for the Scania Engineer Program.

She also points to the positive and open atmosphere that she has encountered in all the company’s different parts, and how she has been encouraged to try things for herself while working on quite large projects.

“And there’s also fantastic tutoring and support from the bosses, tutors and your colleagues,” she says. “There’s always someone who can answer your questions, here.”

Going ahead, Karin wants to stay at Scania. “I want to stay working here in logistics, and I want to become really good at what I’m doing,” she says.

: Karin Tyredal Wahlén
Age: 24
Role at Scania: Logistics developer
Best thing about the Scania Engineer Program: Being able to learn about the different sides of the company and seeing how everything ties together. And, that you never really know what you’re going to be doing the next day.
Leisure activities: Working out and taking photographs. Favourite spots are in nature and urban environments.