It's a wrap!

It's a wrap!

Thursday, which means this is my last day of my summer job! I am still having problems to decide exactly what I am feeling at the moment. A part of me has been awaiting this day and longing for “freedom” but school starts on Monday, so my freedom will only last as long… My placement at RBRF this summer has exceeded all my expectations. The group has become my work-family, we have had a great time together and hopefully they have enjoyed having me here too. Yesterday I had my final presentation for my co-workers and boss to present what I have done during the summer, what I have learned and most importantly, what my impressions of Scania as an employer are.

Although I have really enjoyed having, owning an developing my own project over the weeks I have spent here, the purpose of my placement was to get to know Scania and the unlimited possibilities as an engineer. I have had the opportunity to get an insight in how constructors at Scania can work, how groups and departments are organized and feel whether this could be a future company for me. I have also realized that no matter where I end up after graduation next summer, there are 3 main components I will have in utter consideration when choosing my job.

1. Developing and stimulating tasks
2. A good group/team where I can feel relaxed with my co-workers & there is a good team spirit
3. A supporting and understanding boss who challenges me

These three aspects might not always be on top at the same time, but as long as 2 & 3 are mostly fulfilled, no 1 can always be accepted to not always deliver. Some tasks are less fun than others, but that is ok if you know that this will change later on. I have realized that a supporting boss who takes his/her time to listen to you, your dreams and vision and helps you to get where you want to go is essential. My boss here has supported, guided and allowed me to investigate larger dreams I might have. Without personal development where there is room for me to explore possible routes to take in the future, I can’t see how I will last a lifetime working. I strive for challenges, I love exploring and learning new things and most of all, I love proving myself that I can indeed do the impossible. Development and variation are key components for me and what keeps me going. And I advice you to do as me, consider carefully what is important for you and what you demand of your future workplace. dare to take control and see where the future might hold for you. Don’t set too specific goal, and be open for changes as a route you might not have considered earlier might take you places you could only dream of! Allow yourself to be affected, inspired and challenged!

It is definitely going to be unusual to not be working full time and meeting my colleagues here every day, but I am so ready for the fall (even though I can not grasp where this summer went?!) and for my last year of school.CRAZY! LAST YEAR?! However, I will be visiting here at Scania quite frequently during the fall to prepare for my Master’s Thesis, meet with my mentors and for another SSI weekend. In other words, Scania and RBRF will not get rid of me that easily! 😛

I will be continuing my blogging here as well, since the SSI program runs until next summer & graduation, so you wont get rid of me that easily either 😉 But for now, I am closing up my summer internship and my placement at RBRF (Bus Frames and Installations), heading back to school and no to soon over to NBB (Hybrid Systems Development) for my Master’s Thesis and after that, well I guess will just have to wait and see what happens…

Time to prepare the mandatory goodbye-“fika” for my fantastic group before I check out for the last time this summer!
Stay classy,


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