IT is an integrated part of Scania’s core business, our products and solutions.

Our IT organisation is engaged in our operations around the world and where the main part of the organisation is based in Södertälje with a global responsibility for a wide range of activities within the main areas of IT – from infrastructure to development, maintenance and support.

IT the Scania Way

Scania embraces a Lean and Agile mindset to enable a culture with focus on the following:


We join forces and work openly across teams, organisations and partners towards common goals.


Our portfolio enables us to make the right prioritisations and to balance today’s commitments with tomorrow’s business objectives.


We encourage an innovative mindset and a proactive approach to explore and validate concepts and experiments.

Empowered teams

We empower teams with skills, trust and faith to become high performing and self-organised throughout the value chain.

Iterative deliveries

Our work is carried out in iterations with short feedback loops. Business value is delivered continuously.

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