“It starts with you”

“It starts with you”


In this post I will talk about what Scania Student Intro (SSI), can do for you. Or rather, as the title of this post implies, what you can do with the help of SSI.

A few years ago Scania started using the slogan “Scania. It starts with you” in its employer branding efforts. The meaning of this message is to emphasize the importance of your individual contribution, not only for the prosperity of the company but also for your own personal development. Now, as I am about to finish my third week of the summer job, which is a part of the SSI program, I can vouch that the meaning of this slogan is true.

First I would like to put out a small disclaimer. Clearly experiences may differ among past and present SSI students, but I guess so do also the expectations. I should also point out that I have been blessed with a boss and a summer job instructor who both are very forthcoming to me as they see this part of the SSI-program as a way for me to watch and learn as much as possible about the company. This rhymes very well with my expectations and as I choose a very active approach during my time here, we are a good match.

You might choose a different approach, one that suites you better. However, I am sure you will learn a great deal any way, regardless what type of boss and summer job task you end up with. Here are some examples of what I mean.

If you choose a regular “passive” style you might spend most of your time by your desk where you focus on your task. However, just by keeping your ears open you will gain insight in how your colleges work. Through your summer job task you also gain firsthand experience of what it is like working at Scania. Of course you will have lots of fun as you show up to the summer activities organized by both the group your working with and by the SSI coordinators, e.g. group lunches, BBQ and after works.

You might also choose a more “active” approach where you do all the things a passive person does plus you tag along on some of the meetings that your colleges go to. If you do, I promise you will be mesmerized by the scale and complexity of the different operations within Scania. One could describe it as a project work in school, only with a few more team members, on a global scale and with a slightly larger budget. 😉

The final style I call “Sherlock Holmes on steroids”, which is also the approach that I have had so far. I call it so because I practically jump at everything that moves when it comes to possible new experiences. At the same time my head spins vigorously to process all the input and to fit all the new puzzle pieces into my big Is-Scania-something-for-me puzzle.

In addition to all the activities already mentioned above, here are some examples of what I do in addition. I ask Scania employees at different departments and factories if I can come and make study visits, I set up one-on-one lunches with colleges where I interview them about working at Scania, I ask to ride along during tests of both buses and trucks out on the test tracks, and so on.

How do I do it? I find it quite simple, thanks to the design of the SSI-program in combination with the fact that most Scania employees I have met are both helpful and kind. It is like you are given the master key to Scania and all its resources. All I need to do is ask. The limit is set by how much I can digest from this smorgasbord of experiences that Scania offers here on site in Södertälje. Every day I come home full of new impressions, quite tired I might add. The next day I come back with sharp eyes and big ears, hungry for more.

So whatever your preference of activity level is and whatever strategy you choose to get to know Scania by, the SSI-program is an invaluable door opener and a great opportunity.

I hope this blog post can inspire you who consider applying to this program to actually do so. As far as I am concerned, I do not see how it could be any better. Just remember – it starts with you.

The back of our SSI-hoodies reminds me of how it is done.

Take care,

Petter Jakobsson


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